COVID Tips and Ways to Stay Connected

During these “unprecedented” times, we have all learned to somehow cope with the loneliness and lack of human interaction. For some people, they have turned to binge watching shows with friends or playing games together virtually, of course. However, it is also important to take care of yourself which may seem harder to do these […]

Mental Health Monologues: Stronger Together – Submissions/Auditions

On Friday, November 18, You Mean More – UC Berkeley’s first mental health awareness club – will be hosting the third annual Mental Health Monologues. The Mental Health Monologues is a platform for writers and performers to express their personal mental health experiences, in hopes that those who hear these stories of struggle and triumph […]

UC Berkeley’s First Annual Mental Health Conference: Stronger than Stigma

We are thrilled to announced the first annual Mental Health Conference: Stronger Than Stigma next Saturday 3/5 9am-1pm. The goal of the event is to bring members of the Cal community together to discuss mental health-related topics in relation to intersectionalities and interdisciplinary fields. Our workshops include “Mapping Mental Health: From Young Self to Healthier […]