Stay Healthy with Yourself

Covid has been a life-changing experience for all of us, full of ups and downs and new perspectives on the world around us. As we struggle to go through online classes, miss our friends, and become overwhelmed with the future, we must understand how to treat ourselves with respect and care. Staying healthy with ourselves and doing those little daily tasks can have a long-term effect on our school performance, jobs, and just our overall happiness. Here are some types of checking and of doing to make sure you are staying healthy.

  1. Go outside! (safely and socially distancing) At any chance, go get hit with those vitamin B rays and gain some serotonin through the outdoors. As we stare at a screen all day, many ignore the opportunities to go outside and get some fresh air. If you have a few minutes, go on a short walk between classes, read or eat lunch outside. Take any opportunity because we are no longer getting that essential sunlight! If you can, move those blinds and open your windows to catch those rays! 
  1. Embrace and experience your emotions! As students, we are pushed to stay on top of our school work, club opportunities, and jobs. We tend to ignore our feelings at the moment to get through our responsibilities and the day. Especially in a unique time like Covid, most individuals have never experienced these situations and, therefore, their emotions. Be okay with your feelings, regardless of it is frustration or sadness for the moments we lost. Dealing with these emotions and listening to your body can help you be more productive in the future. 
  1. Keep your routines! As we experience online classes and most of us cannot access other activities, our schedules have become more flexible and allow more improvisation. Although having more time to ourselves is crucial, it is imperative to keep our routines to gain long-term success! Humans’ minds enjoy and strive to maintain habits. Routines such as sleep, eating, exercise, and self-care routines are vital for avoiding bad habitats and keeping the mind happy and healthy!
  1. Try something new! If you have always wanted to take an art class or wanted to adventure into the realm of hiking or surfing, this is the time to do it! Having more free time or having a more flexible schedule leaves us time to prioritize new parts of our lives. Use this time to do something on your bucket list or something you never dared to do. With most art classes or activities done online, there is less pressure to do an activity perfectly. Still, instead, you can enjoy the process and experience! 
  1. Stay Connected! As we lose those interpersonal interactions with passing someone on the way to class or having the opportunity to see each other in person, it becomes easier to lose contact with people. When you seem overwhelmed with an assignment or in the middle of midterm season, losing touch with your friends can weaken your support system and prevent you from releasing that stress. Not only is it important to stay connected to keep yourself healthy, but check into those close friends because they could be needing you right now more than you know. 

Practice Mindfulness and Enjoy the Moment! Covid has changed everyone’s perspective on the usual activities for the better. As we are no longer able to do things that we could do regularly, we now have the opportunity to gain a perspective to enjoy those little moments. To take a second and appreciate those special moments that we haven’t been able to experience this year. No matter if it is as small as seeing a butterfly fly past or as large as celebrating a birthday, bring this new perspective to the new year and maintain this viewpoint for years to come. This year has been challenging for all of us. Still, we gained this unique perspective of enjoying the moment, and it will bring joy to all of your future moments.