Raising Awareness: Sproul Displays


Every semester You Mean More sets up several awareness-raising displays on Sproul Plaza, our main activity hub of campus, to educate UC Berkeley students about the prevalence of mental health issues in our lives and to promote a positive atmosphere to eradicate the negative stigma attached to the discussion of such topics.

Last semester we set up a “What Keeps You Going?” board on Sproul during the walk so people could write things that they found inspirational and motivational in their lives ranging from “Family” and “Hope” to “Beyonce” and “Pizza” on a post-it note and contribute to the board. It encouraged community members to reflect upon the sources of happiness in their lives and express their feelings in a positive way. Another successful display we set up ┬áconsisted of 100+ readers laid out with signs indicating that each reader represented the lives of 10 college students whose lives were lost to suicide in the United States in the past year. This eye-catching arrangement of readers grabbed the attention of thousands of students making their way to class and encouraged them to speak up about depression and support the cause by signing up for the walk.

This semester we plan on unveiling some new displays, starting with a suicide prevention ribbon project. The national ribbon for suicide prevention is yellow, so we will have a wire ribbon onto which students and community members can tie a piece of yellow ribbon as a symbol of their pledge to support hope and spreading awareness for our campaign. The display will be available at the You Mean More table on Sproul in mid-October, so keep your eyes peeled!