Casual Game Nights With Friends!

Free Online Games to play with friends: Drawphone Chess 4 Way Chess Secret Hitler Covidopoly Paid Online Games to play with friends: Don’t Starve Together ($15 for two people) Jackbox Games ($5) is the online classic pictionary game! Each player takes turns drawing and the others players have to guess what […]

Social Distanced Hangouts

Want to see friends in person? Here are some ideas for fun COVID-safe activities Go on a hike or walk with a friend. Some great destinations in Berkeley are the Big C, the Rose Garden, and the Marina. If your friends aren’t local, try calling them and walking in your own cities while talking. You […]

Stay Healthy with Yourself

Covid has been a life-changing experience for all of us, full of ups and downs and new perspectives on the world around us. As we struggle to go through online classes, miss our friends, and become overwhelmed with the future, we must understand how to treat ourselves with respect and care. Staying healthy with ourselves […]

Weekly Movies/TV Show Screenings

Quarantine can be a particularly difficult time to maintain relationships or a sense of community with others. In adhering to health and safety guidelines, we may feel detached from those we care about. Luckily there are a variety of ways we may seek to occupy ourselves, and maintain that connection at a distance. Watching movies […]